Tour the Gardens

Front Lawn Vistas


Many places exist on the  large lawn to relax and enjoy the view of Victoria, BC , a passing ship, the eagles or possibly a grey whale.  Sit or lay in the cabana, grab a lounge chair to catch the sun, or have a picnic on the picnic table.

Monet Garden


Every color of an artist’s palette abounds in this beautiful garden. A raised bed made from local grey river rock accentuates the charm.

Entry Garden

Main Entry

Main Entry

This garden is surrounded by the circular drive.  Maple trees, rhodies, azaleas, and trilliums assert their own space.  If you’re lucky, you may even glimpse pink and yellow woodland lilies.

Cottage Garden:


Simple and sweet, this garden holds many perennials like dainty lady slippers, compelling drumstick primrose and the versatile Allium.  A piece of wood recovered from Florida’s Everglades commands center stage.

Chinese & Bamboo


Chinese Garden

A Chinese philosopher stone and a rounded Chinese gate invite you to explore more.  Once inside the gate, the stunning Yellow Mountains of China greet you.

Bamboo Garden

At least 15 varieties of bamboo create a feeling of lightness.  The swaying bamboo as well as the visual treat of the unique leaves brings unexplained joy.

Woodland Garden


Tall cedars and spruce surround a waterfall and meandering stream.  Shade perennials  create a naturalized setting with paths to explore.  A small meditation labyrinth using local stone reminds you to take the time to get in touch with the surrounding beauty.